John Singer Sargent's Flora Cloman
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Flora Cloman
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Boston Private collection
(image is of a print from the original which is signed by Flora Cloman)
 Jpg:  Friend of the JSS Gallery

From : Friend of the JSS Gallery (letter)

[Here is a ] charcoal drawing (alas, a print from the original...).

The Flora Cloman dates from 1911 and is a charcoal portrait. No size available. The identity of the sitter was confirmed by a bookseller that was contacted by the previous owner. Flora Cloman wrote a book titled 'I'd live it over'. It was written in 1941, and the sleeve of the book shows an illustration of the Sargent portrait. Also, because both the item I acquired at the auction and the book are signed by Ms. Cloman, they were able to compare the signatures and confirm that it's the same person.



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