John Singer Sargent's Lena Kontorovich
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Lena Kontorovich
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Royal Northern College of Music 
(Manchester, UK)
19.7 x 12 cm ( visible within frame/mount)
Signed "To Mlle Kontorovich ?her ?admirer? John S. Sargent April 12th 1914"

From:  Sarah Wickham 
(sa rah. wick
Date: 6/8/2004

I'm the archivist at Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK).  We have a pencil sketch by Sargent of a former violin student, Lena Kontorovich. It's not an amazing piece of art but...

It was owned by her family and given to us in the 1990s.  Signed "To Mlle Kontorovich ?her ?admirer? John S. Sargent April 12th 1914"

I know very little about Lena Kontorovich and am hoping to be able to remedy this in the near future.

Incidentally, I'm very attached to Sargent personally: my step-great-grandfather is depicted in Sargent's Garden Study of the Vickers Children and a step cousin is interested in tracing the picture's provenance (it's been at the Flint Institute since 1972 but prior to that I'm not clear). 

With best wishes


Special thanks to Sarah Wickham, with Royal
Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK),  friends of the JSS Gallery, for sending the image and info. 



By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 6/8/2004
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