John Singer Sargent's Mrs. C. J. Conway ("Mug")
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Mrs. C. J. Conway ("Mug") 
Private collection 
 23 7/8 x 18 5/16 in 
Jpg: Sotheby's

Mrs. C. J. Conway, 1919 charcoal drawing, signed and dated 1919 . . .with accompanying note and envelope from Mr. Sargent discussing the work.  


  • See the year in review 1919
As of Feb15th, the piece was offered for sale at Sotheby's --  offered by Hess Fine Art 

Sold Sotheby's; 3/7/2001; Lot#: 4P59; $40,000 plus $4,750 buyers premium 


By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 2/15/2001
Updated 8/21/2002