John Singer Sargent's Vaslav Nijinsky in "Le Pavillon d' Armide"
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Vaslav Nijinsky in "Le Pavillon d' Armide"
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Private collection
24 1/4 x 18 5/8 in.
 Jpg: CGFA

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Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky (1888-1950) was a Russian ballet dancer. He came under the tootalage of his director Sergei Diaghilev and became his lover. In 1909 he went to Paris to perform in "Le Pavillon d' Armide" designed and staged by Alexander Benois.

In honour and celibration of King George V's  Coronation, which took place June 22, 1911, the Marchioness of Ripon brought Diaghilev's Ballet Russes to London. Sargent would draw this protrait "mug" for the Marchioness.

Gladys, Marchioness of Ripon,

Sketch for Vaslav Nijinsky's costume in Le Pavillon d'Armide
Alexandre Benois - Russian Painter,  theatre designer
Dansmuseet, Stockholm 
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The first performance of "Le Pavillon d' Armide" was in Paris on May 19, 1909. It is a ballet in three scenes by Alexander Benois, based on a short story by Theophile Gautier. Music by Nicholas Tcherepnine. Choreography by Michel Fokine. Decor and costumes by Alexander Benois.  



John Singer Sargent, An Exhibition -- Whitney Museum, NY & The Art Institute of Chicago 1986-1987


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