Are there more paintings of Mrs Charles Russell?
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Retrospective Catalogue 
Video: "... Outside the Frame"
Copy in Madrid

From left to right: Madrid's,  Catalog's, 
Washington DC's Video
Second row, different exposure of same hands


Are there more paintings of Mrs Charles Russell?
    Image plates: 
    • left color plate from Retrospective Catalogue passages marked by Genway Gaoed.
    • Right image captured from the video "John Singer Sargent: Outside the Frame" which documented the exhibition at the National Gallery, Washinton, DC 
    • Lower image from Thyssen- Bornemisza, Madrid website
Editor's Note -- a continued discussion on possible copies of Sargent's paintings. Genway believed that both Madame Ramon Subercaseaux and Mrs Charles Russell were both copies shown at the exhibition. Genway sent the top two images and the bottom image was found on the net after Genway's letter. 

Date: 15 Oct 2001  
From: Genway Gao  <> 

 . . .Here are two images of [Mrs. Charles Russell 1900], the first file [upper left] is scaned from "Sargent" by Kilmurray and Ormond (editors) 1998, page 155.  The second [upper right] is the picture I took from my TV screen, captured from video tape "John Singer Sargent - Outsite The Frame" published by WETA Washington, D. C. 2000. 

Notice the difference on finger gesture (right hand), smoothness of neck, eye level (one left eye is lower in one painting), and many many more details.  Sorry for the pen marks on the painting, which were the differences I noticed on the exhibition day. 

The technique he used on painting the ring, are both typical of Sargent's, it is no question that both paintings was done by Sargent, and the more smooth skin and more characteristic feature one (painting on video tape) must be the final version. . . The image in the video is only the top third, it was that way from the video. 

Make every challange in your life an exciting adventure, and every failure a free lesson to success. with best wishes. 

Genway Gao 
Date 5 Dec 2001 
Fram: Natasha 

How about just the color of her dress sleeve? I don't know.  The video image is rather poor. The exposures are obviously different so its hard to compare. I sort of see what you mean in the fingers. You have seen this painting  in person, and have studied it closely. I haven't.  Your point is noted. Let's see if others have seen what you saw. 

Date 19 Dec 2001 
Fram: Natasha 


You are amazing! I just got a letter -- just today -- just an hour or so ago -- from Cristina. She's over in Switzerland (I think). Anyway, she was asking about Sargent painting in Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, and low-and-behold I found a copy of Mrs. Charles Russell. From their website  write-up it seems to imply that the painting, although signed by Sargent, was not painted by Sargent! I don't know.  We should write them and ask. What do you think? 

Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 
From: Genway Gao  <>


Without doubt, your tirelessness effort has reveal another copy of Mrs Charles Russell by Sargent.

I am convienced the copy at Madrid is yet another painting by the artist, not only by the reputation of Baronese Carman Thyssen-Bornemisza and the museum's statement as "autograph copy", but also from the painting's many expressive strokes, showing confidence of the artist and without any hesitation.

Attached is the comparison chart [added above].  I'd like you to pay attention on the "right hand" of each painting, particular the curvature of the fingers and the catalog's copy showing more of a portion of the ring finger.

from left to right: Madrid's  Catalog's  Washington DC's

Keep up your good work.



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By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 12/5/2001
Updated 12/19/2001