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Shoeing the Ox 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
1906 - 1910 
Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums, UK 
Oil on canvas 
56.4 x 71.5 cm 
 Jpg: Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums

From: Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums

[Sargent] makes no attempt to sentimentalise the scene - to draw out the viewer's sympathy with the ox or to capture its character. Instead he suggests its power and energy by painting a compact scene. Only half of the ox is visible, so that its head and horns seem enormous when set against the much slighter figures of the blacksmith's boys. The power of the ox is as a coiled spring - latent but nevertheless clear to see. The light is subdued, capturing outlines and silhouettes, and further emphasises the dramatic qualities of the scene - there is a theatrical quality to this simple rustic occasion, Sargent's technical mastery as clearly on view here as in any of his more famous portraits.
(Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums)



Great Expectations: John Singer Sargent Painting Children; 2004-2005


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