John Singer Sargent's Modern Amoretten, After Hans Makart
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Modern Amoretten, After Hans Makart
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Metropolitan Museum, New York
 Graphite on off-white wove paper
30.8 x 11.1 cm (12 1/8 x 4 3/8 in.)
Inscriptions: [at upper right]: by Mackart [sic]
Gift of Mrs. Francis Ormond, 1950
(50.130.143n recto)
Jpg: brian.shapiro & The Met

From: Brian Shapiro
br ian.sha
Date: Sunday, January 4, 2004 

Recently, I found an image of a drawing by Sargent where he copies a famous painting by Hans Makart, called 'Moderne Amoretten' in German. Hans Makart was was a celebrity figure in Vienna, a painter, decorator, costume designer, and furniture designer, and an influence on Gustav Klimt, who worshipped him. Here is a link to an encyclopedic article I wrote about Makart [at].

Moderne Amoretten, which translates to Modern Amoretti, or Modern Cupids, was one of the first paintings which made Makart famous. 

John Singer Sargent

Modern Amoretten, After Hans Makart
Hans Makart

Moderne Amoretten

I'm attatching Sargent's copy, and a black-and-white image of the original painting. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a color image--I can obtain one for you if you want, but its from a book printed in the 70s in which the colors are not sharp or detailed. But, following Makart's reputation as a "magician of colors", they're dazzling, the background behind the foliage in a gold color, and the foreground made of many different hues. It was also part of a set of three paintings, the others I'm not including, and Makart also designed the frame which contained all three.

I wouldn't be much additional help for the Sargent Gallery, though I'm putting together a webpage of my own on cultural history that will include many important but ingored artists, like Makart, Couture, Leys, Decamps, Henner, Chaplin, Ribot, Carriere, Bastien-Lepage, etc. . . .


Special thanks to Brian Shapiro, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for the image and info. 

By:  Natasha Wallace
Copyright 1998-2004 all rights reserved
Created 1/5/2004
Updated 1/5/2004

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