he Hermit (Il Solitario)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 
Oil on canvas 
95.9 x 96.5 cm (37 3/4 by 38 in.) 
Rogers fund 1911
 Jpg: local / The Met

A piece of extraordinary brilliant execution. The first impression is that of actual blinding sunlight and shadow among the eucalyptus stems of a southern forest; one is there in the hot atmosphere; the dazing effect on the brain, the coming headache, are admirably suggested. It is only after some time that you make out in the tangle of lights and forms of two deer and of a naked hermit reclining among the rocks. . . . 
(Lawrence Binyon, "New English Art Club," The Saturday Review, 107, May 29, 1909, P. 684)
Sargent actually packed a stuffed gazelle which he took with him on this trip and painted twice in this picture. His friend, Henry Tonks pokes fun at his manipulating the scene in his own caricature of "Sargent Sketching in the Alps".

Henry Tonks

Sargent Sketching in the Alps

See as it hung in the Met



Photo by  janeymoffat
Created 7/7/2000