The Honorable Laura Lister
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Oil on canvas
168.91 cm x 115.25 cm, actual
Inscribed u.r.: John S. Sargent 1896 
Bequest of Grenville L. Winthrop, 1943.156
Jpg: Harvard University Art Museums

Lord Ribblesdale


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Annual Exhibition, 1897, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Sargent Loan Exhibition, Copley Hall, Boston

In Honor of Royal Cortissoz and His Fifty Years of Criticism..., Knoedler & Co., New York, 12/01/1941 - 12/20/1941

Lovat, Lady (ne? Laura Lister) (Owner and subject). From artist 1896, Sold at Dawson-Bennet Sale, American Art Assoc. Nov 16 1933.

Winthrop, Grenville L. (Owner). Purchase from American Art Assoc. through Scott and Fowles Nov 17 1933, Bequest to Fogg Art Museum 1943

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