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Florence Evelyn "Evelyn" 
September 1884 
Taken within a few weeks after portrait
  Mabel Frances 
1878 (16 yrs)
She was 21 years old in portrait
Clara Mildred "Mildred" 
Mid to late 1880's (20 yrs + aprox.)
She was 19 years old in portrait
Photo of the Vickers Girls

"Evelyn" the girl on the left married William Hamilton Gordon in 1890 and lived til 1947 where she died at Seaview in the Isle of Wight. Mable, the oldest and the cental figure, died in Naples only ten years after the portrait (1894) on April 21st, and is thought to have been from malaria. She is buried in the English Cemetery there. "Mildred," the girl on the right, married Cecil Wynne Parry in 1895. He died in 1901, she then married Robert "Bob" Skipwith and lived til 1952 where she died at Rye in Sussex. 

None of the girls had any children but were fondly remembered by their nieces and nephews as affectionate aunts. 

"Mildred," the girl on the right, apparently continued with her own art throughout her life, and an oil she did around 1920 show strong similarities to Sargent's technique. 



c. 1894? (32 yrs)

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