Hylda Daughter of Asher and Mrs Wertheime 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Tate Gallery, London 
Oil on canvas  
214.6 x 143.5 cm  
painting signed 
Presented by the widow and family of  
Asher Wertheimer in accordance with his wishes 1922  
Jpg: Tate Gallery

From: Tate Gallery

Hylda was the third daughter of the wealthy art dealer Asher Wertheimer . . . The portrait of Hylda is in the grand manner of the old masters, and great care is given to the depiction of the different luxurious textures of her clothing. Sargent tried to dissuade Hylda from wearing her pince-nez, which undermine this illusion, but they were retained at her insistence. 
(From the display caption June 2002 Tate Gallery)


The Wertheimer paintings 


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