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Natasha Wallace
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:J. William White, Dr (1850-1916), (painting).  Owner:University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  82410051 
Title:Unknown Girl, (painting).  Owner:Restricted.  82480016 
Title:My Friend Chadwick, (painting).  Owner:McCormick, Edmund J., Westchester, New York  82580023 
Title:Girl in Studio, (painting).  Owner:Cohen, Wilfred P.,  82610010 
Title:Three Figures, (painting).  Owner:Valente, Alfredo,  82610022 
Title:Martyr, (painting).  Owner:Valente, Alfredo,  82610023 
Title:Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), (painting).  Owner:Pulitzer, Jr., Joseph,  82690011 
Title:Joseph Jefferson (1829-1905) as Peter Pangloss in George Colman, Jr's "the Heir-In-Law", (painting).  Owner:Players Club, New York, New York  82710013 
Title:Samson, (painting).  Owner:Haam, Emmerich Von, Dr & Mrs, Columbus, Ohio

Mon, 15 Aug 2005
Quoting Emmerich vonHaam
I am the current owner of John Singer Sargent's painting Samson (JSS
  call #82840014).  The painting was given to me many years ago by my
  father Emmerich vonHaam of Columbus, Ohio

Title:Nude Egyptian Girl, (painting).  Owner:Restricted.  83000041 
Title:Dorothy, (painting).  Owner:Beyer, Vernon F., Mrs,  83250015 
Title:Acheson Sisters, The, (painting).  Owner:Devonshire Collection, Derbyshire, England  83250016 
Title:Actor in Chinese Costume, (painting).  Owner:Morgan State College, Baltimore, Maryland  83340114 
Title:Campo S. Agnese, Venice, (painting).  Owner:Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts  83340175 
Title:Bedroom Interior, (painting).  Owner:Daniels, Thomas L., Mr & Mrs,  83390004 
Title:Oyster Gatherer, (painting).  Owner:Rockefeller, John D. III, Mr & Mrs, New York, New York  83410078 
Title:Caroline de Bassano, Marquise D'espeuilles, (painting).  Owner:Rockefeller, John D. III, Mr & Mrs, New York, New York  83410079 
Title:Senor Subercaseaux in a Gondola in Venice, (painting).  Owner:Subercaseaux, Luis, Sr, Santiago, Chile  83640003 
Title:Pailleron Children, (painting).  Owner:Pailleron, Robert Bourget, M., Paris, France  83640004 
Title:Suzanne Poirson, Mademoiselle, (painting).  Owner:Cruse, Philippe, Mme., Paris, France  83640005 
Title:Lady Sassoon, (painting).  Owner:Cholmondeley, Marchioness Of, London, England  83640007 
Title:Rigging, (painting).  Owner:Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York  83640008 
Title:Room in the Palazzo Clerici, (painting).  Owner:Gordon, Douglas, Baltimore, Maryland  83640010 
Title:Basin, Vizcaya, (painting).  Owner:McCormick, Chauncey, Mr & Mrs, Chicago, Illinois  83640011 
Title:Palazzo Contarini-Fasan (Desdemona's Palace), (painting).  Owner:Ormond, Francis, Mrs, London, England  83640012 
Title:Scuola Di San Rocco, Venice, (painting).  Owner:Ormond, Francis, Mrs, London, England  83640013 
Title:White Ox, (painting).  Owner:Ormond, Francis, Mrs, London, England  83640014 
Title:In the Luxembourg Gardens, (painting).  Owner:John G. Johnson Collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  83770012 
Title:Royal Elisha Robbins, Portrait of (1824-1902), (painting).  Owner:Coggins, Robert P., Dr,  83830057 
Title:Wilfred de Glehn & Mrs. de Glehn Sketching in a Gondola, (painting).  Owner:Restricted.  83840032 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Statue of Fortune on the Dogana, (painting).  Owner:Restricted.  83840033 
Title:Steps of the Palazzo, Venice, (painting).  Owner:Restricted.  83840034 
Title:Vespers, (painting).  Owner:Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, England  83840035 
Title:Venetian Palace Steps, Palazzo Grimani, (painting).  Owner:Restricted.  83840036 
Title:Male Model Resting, (painting).  Owner:Forbes Magazine Collection, New York, New York  83860003 
Title:Figure with Red Drapery, (painting).  Owner:Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York  83860009 
Title:Gustav Natorp, Portrait Of, (painting).  Owner:Porter, Nicola, Mrs,  81510001 
Title:Under the Willows, (painting).  Owner:Horowitz, Raymond J., Mr. & Mrs., New York, New York  81530009 
Title:Gondoliers' Siesta, (painting).  Owner:Horowitz, Raymond J., Mr. & Mrs., New York, New York  81530010 
Title:Lady Seated Beside an Alpine Pool, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81530011 
Title:Old Wharf, (painting).  Owner:Cram, G. Frank, Mrs,  81590065 
Title:Spanish Barracks, (painting).  Owner:Fraad, Daniel & Rita, New York, New York  81630022 
Title:Group with Parasols, (painting).  Owner:Fraad, Daniel & Rita, New York, New York  81630023 
Title:Edward Boit, (painting).  Owner:Boit, Julian M., Mr & Mrs,  81670065 
Title:John Singer Sargent (a Self-Portrait), (painting).  Owner:Saltonstall, Richard M., Mrs,  81690001 
Title:Francis Brooks Chadwick, (painting).  Owner:Hirschl & Adler Galleries, New York, New York  81690002 
Ralph Curtis on the Beach at Scheveningen, (painting). 

10 1/2 x 13 1/2 in. (cm. 26.7 x 34.3) 

References: David Mc Kibbin, "Sargent's Boston" Boston, 1956. 
Illustration: Mckibbin, "Sargent's Boston" Boston, 1956, P.36 
Control No: IAP 81690003 

Owner:Owen, Schuyler, Mrs,  _za83282a8d0 
Now owned by High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia 
Natasha 11/21/2001
Title:Charles J. White, Mrs (Olivia Richardson), (painting).  Owner:White, Charles J., Mrs,  81690004 
Title:Fitzwilliam Sargent, Dr, (painting).  Owner:Sargent-Murray-Gilman-Hough House, Gloucester, Massachusetts  81690005 
Title:Edith, Lady Playfair (Edith Russell), (painting).  Owner:Hammond, Mason, Cambridge, Massachusetts  81690006 
Title:Charles Fairchild, Mrs (Elizabeth Nelson), (painting).  Owner:Taylor, Warner, Mrs, Madison, Wisconsin  81690007 
Title:Gordon Fairchild, (painting).  Owner:Sargent, Sullivan A. Jr, Mrs,  81690008 
Title:Francis D. Millet, Mrs (Lily Greeley Merrill) (1855-1932), (painting).  Owner:Millet, John Alfred Parsons, M. D.,  81690010 
Title:Dennis Miller Bunker (1861-90), (painting).  Owner:Tavern Club, Boston, Massachusetts  81690011 
Autumn on the River, (painting). 

30 x 20 in. (cm. 76.2 x 50.8) 
Figure female Landscape --River 
References: David Mc Kibbin, "Sargent's Boston" Boston, 1956. 
Control No IAP 81690012 

Owner:Danielson, Richard E., Mrs, _za83291a8d0 
Found image online at showing Brooklyn Museum, which either owns it or reacently showed it. 
Natasha 11/14/2001
Title:Richard M. Saltonstall, Mrs (Eleanor Brooks), (painting).  Owner:Pitney, J. Duncan, Mr & Mrs,  81690013 
Title:Sally Fairchild, (painting).  Owner:Munson, Donald,  81690017 
Title:Augustus Hemenway, Mrs (Harriet Lawrence), (painting).  Owner:Richard, Auguste, Mrs,  81690018 
Title:George Peabody of Salem (1804-1892), (painting).  Owner:Gardner, George P. Jr, Mr & Mrs,  81690019 
Title:John S. Sargent, Caricature Of, (painting).  Owner:Loring, William C.,  81690020 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:John A. P. Millet as a Child, (painting).  Owner:Millet, John Alfred Parsons, Dr, Sneden's Landing, New York  81690021 
Title:Joshua Montgomery Sears, Mrs (Sarah Choate) (1858-1935), (painting).  Owner:Sonnenberg, Benjamin,  81690022 
Title:Mrs. Charles Pelham Curtis (Ellen Amory Anderson), (painting).  Owner:Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine  81690023 
Title:William Crowninshield Endicott, Jr, Mrs (Marie Louise Thoron), (painting).  Owner:Endicott, William C., Mrs,  81690024 
Title:Frederick Porter Vinton (1846-1911), (painting).  Owner:Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island  81690025 
Title:Edward Deshon Brandegee, Mrs (Mary Bryant Pratt), (painting).  Owner:Grandegee, Edward D., Mrs,  81690026 
Title:Edward Darley Boit (1840-1915), (painting).  Owner:Boit, Julia,  81690027 
Title:Daniel J. Nolan (D. 1920), (painting).  Owner:Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, District of Columbia  81690028 
Title:Charles Herbert Woodbury (1864-1940), (painting).  Owner:Woodbury, David O., Mr & Mrs,  81690029 
Title:Louisa Putnam Loring (1854-1924), (painting).  Owner:Conrad, Elbert A., Mrs,  81690031 
Ralph Wormeley Curtis, Mrs (Lisa de Wolfe Colt), (painting). 
Duplicate record 
See call number 81690124 for more info
Owner:Owen, Schuyler, Mrs,  81690032 
Title:Violet Ormond (1870-1955), (painting).  Owner:James, William, Mrs,  81690033 
Title:Cashmere Shawl (Rose Marie Ormond), (painting).  Owner:Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts  81690034 
Title:William James, Mrs, (painting).  Owner:James, William, Mrs,  81690035 
Ralph Wormeley Curtis, Mrs with Her Daughter, Sylvia, (painting). 

13 1/2 x 19 1/2 in. (cm. 34.3 x 49.5) 
Portrait group --Family 

References: David Mc Kibbin, "Sargent's Boston" Boston, 1956. 
Illustration: Image on file. 
Control No IAP 81690036 

Owner:Owen, Schuyler, Mrs, 
Title:Herbert Sears on Deck of the Yacht Constellation, Commodore, (painting).  Owner:Warren, Bayard, Mrs,  81690037 
Title:Rainy Day on the Yacht"Constellation", (painting).  Owner:Davenport, Russell W., Mrs,  81690038 
Title:Holker Welch Abbott (1858-1930), (painting).  Owner:Tavern Club, Boston, Massachusetts  81690039 
Title:Alexandra, Mary, and Theodosia Acheson, Ladies, (painting).  Owner:Devonshire, Duke Of, England  81690040 
Title:Philip L. Agnew, Mrs (Alexandra Christian), (painting).  Owner:Agnew, Mrs,  81690041 
Title:Charles B. Alexander, Mrs (Harriet Crocker), (painting).  Owner:Whitridge, Arnold, Mrs,  81690042 
Title:Lancelot Allen (1887-1918), (painting).  Owner:Allen, Rachel,  81690043 
Title:Allenby, Field-Marshal Viscount (1861-1936), (painting).  Owner:Union of South Africa, Cape Town, Union of South Africa  81690045 
Title:Augustus Henry Eden Allhusen, Mrs (Dorothy Stanley), (painting).  Owner:Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois  81690047 
Title:Allouard-Jouan, Madame, (painting).  Owner:Musee Du Petit Palais, Paris, France  81690048 
Title:Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Mrs, M.D. (1836-1917), (painting).  Owner:Anderson, Alan Garrett, Sir,  81690049 
Title:Astor, Viscountess (Nancy Langhorne), (painting).  Owner:Astor, Lady,  81690050 
Title:Herbert Spender-Clay, Hon Mrs (Pauline Astor), (painting).  Owner:Spender-Clay, Mrs,  81690051 
Title:George Austen, Mrs, (painting).  Owner:Brookings, Robert, Mrs,  81690052 
Title:Mary Turner Austin (1855-?), (painting).  Owner:Thompson, James, Connecticut  81690053 
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