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Natasha Wallace
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Mary Turner Austin (1855-?), Sketch Of, (painting).  Owner:Bollock, M. Raymond,  81690054 
Title:Austin Cheney, Mrs (Ruthie Sears Bacon), (painting).  Owner:Cheney, Austin, Mrs,  81690055 
Title:Walter Rathbone Bacon, Mrs (Virginia Purdy Barker), (painting).  Owner:Biltmore House, Asheville, North Carolina  81690056 
Title:William Baker, Rev (1841-1910), (painting).  Owner:Merchant Taylors' School,  81690057 
Title:Balfour, Earl of (Arthur James Balfour), (painting).  Owner:Carlton Club,  81690058 
Title:Jacques Barenton, (painting).  Owner:Ripin, Edna Levinson, Mrs,  81690059 
Title:Dolly Barnard (1878-1949), Unfinished Portrait Of, (painting).  Owner:Cambridge University, Cambridge, England  81690060 
Title:Frederick Barnard, Mrs (Alice Faraday), (painting).  Owner:Tate Gallery, London, England  81690061 
Title:Barnard, Mrs, Holding Tea-Cup, (painting).  Owner:Millet, John Alfred Parsons, Dr, Sneden's Landing, New York  81690062 
Title:Lawrence Barrett (1838-91), (painting).  Owner:Players Club, New York, New York  81690063 
Title:George Batten, Mrs (Mabel Hatch), (painting).  Owner:Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, Scotland  81690064 
Title:James C. Bayles, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690065 
Title:Albert Gustave de Belleroche in Spanish Costume, Sketch Of, (painting).  Owner:Belleroche, William De, Count,  81690066 
Title:Albert Gustave de Belleroche (1864-1944), (painting).  Owner:Scott, Stevenson, Mrs,  81690067 
Title:Edmund Charles de Belleroche, Mrs (Alice Sidonie Baruch) (D. 1916), Unfinished Portrait Of, (painting).  Owner:Belleroche, William De, Count,  81690068 
Title:Edmund Charles de Belleroche, Mme, in Black Evening Dress, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690069 
Title:Head of Lady (Mrs Edmund C. de Belleroche), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690070 
Title:Bennareggi, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690071 
Title:Charles Beresford, Lady (Mina Gardner) (D. 1922), (painting).  Owner:Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland  81690072 
Title:Carmela Bertagna, (painting).  Owner:Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio  81690073 
Title:Carmela Bertagna, (painting).  Owner:Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois  81690074 
Title:Birdwood, Field-Marshal Lord (Gen. Sir William), Sketch for "General Officers", (painting).  Owner:National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia  81690075 
Title:Jacques-Emile Blanche (1861-1942), (painting).  Owner:Musee Des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, France  81690076 
Title:Edwin Booth (1833-93), Sketch, (painting).  Owner:Schweitzer Gallery, New York, New York  81690077 
Title:Hercules Brabazon (1821-1906), (painting).  Owner:Brabazon Museum, Seddlescomb, England  81690078 
Title:Hercules Brabazon (1821-1906), (painting).  Owner:Danielson, R. E., Mrs,  81690079 
Title:Helen Olivia Brice, (painting).  Owner:Brice, Miss,  81690080 
Title:Theodore Bailey Bronson, Jr (1860-86), (painting).  Owner:Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York  81690081 
Title:Richard Middlecot Saltonstall, Mrs (Eleanor Brooks), Sketch, (painting).  Owner:Saltonstall, Richard M., Mrs,  81690082 
Title:Peter Chardon Brooks (1831-1920), (painting).  Owner:Saltonstall, Richard M., Mrs,  81690083 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Peter Chardon Brooks, Mrs (Sarah Lawrence) (1845-1915), (painting).  Owner:Saltonstall, R. M., Mrs,  81690084 
Title:Edouard Burckhardt (1815-1903), (painting).  Owner:Riggs, David B., Falls Church, 22041 Virginia  81690085 
Title:Edward Burckhardt Edward, Mrs, and Her Daughter Louise, (painting).  Owner:Kennedy Galleries, New York, New York  81690086 
Title:Harold Farquhar Hadden, Mrs (Valerie Burckhardt), Unfinished Sketch Of, (painting).  Owner:Hadden, H.f., Mrs,  81690087 
Title:Edward Henry Bustk, Sir (1844-1926), (painting).  Owner:University of London, London, England  81690089 
Title:Bying of Vimy, Field-Marshal Viscount (1862-1935), Study for "General Officers", (painting).  Owner:National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario  81690090 
Title:Ingram Bywater, Prof. (1840-1914), (painting).  Owner:Tate Gallery, London, England  81690091 
Title:L. Cagnard, Mlle., (painting).  Owner:de Gennes, L., Prof.,  81690092 
Title:L. Cagnard, Mlle., (painting).  Owner:Martin, Alec, Sir, England  81690093 
Title:Canterbury, Archbishop of (Randall Davidson) (1848-1930), (painting).  Owner:Lambeth Palace, London, England  81690094 
Title:Carmencita, Sketch, (painting).  Owner:Ormond Family,  81690095 
Title:Carl, Guide in the Rockies, (painting).  Owner:Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut  81690096 
Title:J. W. Comyns Carr, Mrs (Alice Strettell) in a Boat at Henley with Mrs Harold Roller, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690097 
Title:James Coolidge Carter (1829-1905), (painting).  Owner:Harvard Club, New York, New York  81690098 
Title:John Ridgely Carter (1864-1945), (painting).  Owner:Carter, Bernard S., Paris, France  81690099 
Title:Gosford, Countess of (Mildred Carter), (painting).  Owner:Carter, Bernard S., Paris, France  81690100 
Title:Alexander Johnson Cassatt (1839-1906), (painting).  Owner:Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  81690101 
Title:Cavan, Field-Marshal Earl of (1865-1946), Study for "General Officers", (painting).  Owner:National Portrait Gallery, London, England  81690102 
Title:William Marshall Cazalet (1865-1932), (painting).  Owner:Cazalet, Mrs, Kent, England  81690103 
Title:Robert de Cevrieux with Dog, (painting).  Owner:Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts  81690104 
Title:William Marshall Cazalet, Mrs, and Children, (painting).  Owner:Cazalet, Mrs, Kent, England  81690105 
Title:Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914), (painting).  Owner:Carnegie, William Hartley, Mrs, London, England  81690106 
Title:John Jay Chapman, Mrs (Elizabeth Chanler), (painting).  Owner:Aldrich, Richard, Mrs,  81690107 
Title:Beatrix Chapman (Lady Barclay), (painting).  Owner:Destroyed.  81690108 
Title:Chiericati, Contessa, or Perugia, (painting).  Owner:Greene, John E. Jr, Houston, Texas  81690109 
Title:Joseph Hodges Choate (1832-1917), (painting).  Owner:Harvard Club, New York, New York  81690110 
Title:Cholmondeley, Marchioness of (Lady Rocksavage, Sybil Sassoon), (painting).  Owner:Cholmondeley, Lady, England  81690111 
Title:Clary Aldringen, Princess (Therese Kinsky), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690112 
Title:Connaught, H. R. H. Duchess of (1860-1917), (painting).  Owner:Elizabeth II, H.R.H. Queen, England  81690113 
Title:Arthur, Prince, H. R. H. Duke of Connaught (1850-1942), (painting).  Owner:Elizabeth II, H.R.H. Queen, England  81690114 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:William Russell Cooke, Mrs (Margaret Eustace Smith Dilke), (painting).  Owner:Harker, O. A., Mrs, London, England  81690115 
Title:Leslie Cotton, Mrs (Mariette Benedict) (1868-1947), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690116 
Title:John S. Cowans, Gen Sir (1862-1921),study for "General Officers" (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690117 
Title:Cowdray, Viscount (Sir Weetman Pearson), (painting).  Owner:Cowdray, Lord, England  81690118 
Title:Arthur Fitch-Kemp, Mrs (Maud Cressall), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690119 
Title:Robert L. Fowler, Jr, Mrs (Charlotte Winthrop), (painting).  Owner:Fowler, Robert L., Mrs,  81690120 
Title:Henry Augustus Cram (C. 1815-1894), (painting).  Owner:Fowler, Robert L., Mrs,  81690121 
Title:John William Crombie, Mrs (Minna Wason), (painting).  Owner:Aberdeen Art Gallery and Regional Museum, Aberdeen, Scotland  81690122 
Title:Cromer, Earl of (Evelyn Baring) (1841-1917), (painting).  Owner:National Portrait Gallery (Ln: Earl of Cromer), London, England  81690123 
Ralph Wormeley Curtis, Mrs (Lisa de Wolfe Colt), (painting). 
Date: 1899 

References: McKibbin, David, "Sargent's Boston" Boston, 1956. 

Control NoIAP 81690124 

Owner:Curtis, Ralph W., Venice, Italy _za83396a8d0 
Cleveland Museum of Art purchased in 1998 (11/20/2001)
Title:Arthur William Currie, Gen Sir (1875-1933), Sketch for "General Officers", (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690125 
Title:Arthur William Currie, Gen Sir (1875-1933), Sketch for "General Officers", (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690126 
Title:Curzon of Kedleston, Marquess (1859-1925), (painting).  Owner:Royal Geographical Society, England  81690127 
Title:George Nathaniel Curzon, Mrs (Grace Elvina, Marchioness Curzon of Kedleston), (painting).  Owner:Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire  81690128 
Title:D'abernon, Viscount (Sir Edgar Vincent), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690129 
Title:Lady Helen Vincent, Viscountess d'Abernon, (painting).  Owner:Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama  81690130 
Title:Arthur Daintrey, (painting).  Owner:Weitzner, Julius,  81690131 
Title:Dalhousie, Earl of (1878-1928), (painting).  Owner:Dalhousie, Earl Of,  81690132 
Title:Charles Deering (1852-1927) as a Naval Officer, (painting).  Owner:McCormick, Chauncey, Mrs,  81690133 
 (1852-1927), (painting). 
Owner:Danielson, R. E., Mrs,  81690134 
Title:Charles Deering (1852-1927) at Brickell Point, Miami, (painting).  Owner:Danielson, R. E., Mrs,  81690135 
Title:Charles Deering, Mrs (Annie Rogers Case), (painting).  Owner:Case, Rogers, Orange, New Jersey  81690136 
Title:Charles Deering, Mrs (Annie Rogers Case), (painting).  Owner:Connal-Rowan, George, Mrs,  81690137 
Title:Charles Deering, Mrs (Marion Whipple), (painting).  Owner:Danielson, R. E., Mrs,  81690138 
Title:James Deering (1859-1925), (painting).  Owner: Private collection  81690139 
Title:Leon Delafosse, (painting).  Owner:Delafosse, M.,  81690140 
Title:Richard Henry Derby, Mrs (1850-1907), (painting).  Owner:Gannett, Robert T. Ii, Mrs,  81690142 
Title:Thomas Lance Devitt, Sir, 1st Bt., (painting).  Owner:Devitt, Thomas, Sir, 2nd Bt., England  81690143 
Title:Devonshire, Evelyn Duchess Of, (painting).  Owner:Devonshire, Duke Of, Devon, England  81690144 
Title:Francis Henshaw Dewey, Mrs (Elizabeth Bliss), (painting).  Owner:Bullock, Rockwood, Mrs, Worcester, Massachusetts  81690145 
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