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Lt. The Hon. Edward
Wyndham Tennant
From Lady Glenconner's memoir of 1918
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Edward Tennant


John Singer Sargent

Edward Wyndham Tennant 


From: Jonathan Whitney 
 jonat han_whi
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 

On your site I discovered the wonderful sketch of Edward Wyndham Tennant by JSS and vowed to locate a copy of the memoir his mother Pamela, Lady Glenconner wrote after his tragic death in WWI.

I think the photo you have of Bim Tennant on your site is quite clear. Inside the book are some wonderful gravures of him in a suit and also in his Grenadier uniform. I want to have them removed and framed by a gallery. The book is a former library book so it would not bother me to have the pics removed and framed since it would make a beautiful collage. The book is very sweet and you can almost feel Lady Glenconner's pain as she recalls Bim's childhood and his final days on the battlefield. 

Currently, I am reading a book about Bim's brother Stephen Tennant called "Serious Pleasures" supposedly Stephen was the beauty of the family but I disagree...he was very effeminate and terribly spoiled whereas Bim was elegant but also masculine and very much beloved by all who knew him during his short life. I guess losing a cousin at 19 in Vietnam drew me to Bim's story.

Date: Apr 6, 2006

After Bim's death a private who had served with him wrote to Lady Glenconner the following:

When things were at their worst /
He would pass up and down the trench cheering the men /
And it was a treat to see his face always smiling /
When danger was greatest his smile was loveliest /

I think this is such a powerful statement about Edward Wyndham Tennant's character.

Special thanks to Jonathan Whitney,  a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me this image.


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