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Metropolitan Museum, New York, Interior
Jpg: Andy Holzopfel

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Now as you look at this picture of Madame X among Sargent's other work and you think of what Parisians might have thought when looking at her in shock during 1884, the painting of Mrs. Hugh Hammersley really skews things. Mrs Hammersley (1892-93) -- the middle one -- is wearing a dress that is almost ten years in style after "Madame X". A more realistic depiction of the style of the day is more closely aligned with "Lady with the Rose" (1882) which is the far right painting. Now if you can put yourself in that frame of mind and imagine the dress strap off Madame X's shoulder, you will begin to understand.

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Special thanks to Andy Holzopfel, of Baltimore, for taking this picture on a visit to the Met (2002) and being a friend of the JSS Gallery.  See some of Andy Holzopfel's paintings.



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