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Used & Out of Print Book Search 

The best used and out of print book search that I've found is: 


Tips on Using BookFinder 
by Wonsug Jung 

It's not a book store, but just a search engine. It's searches however are not complete, so you might get a fuller result when you search with an accurate book title or author name than when you try with a broad keyword such as just "Sargent". 

I first thought a broader keyword would result in, not so much accurate, but more search results, but very strangely, it's not the case with this bookfinder's. So when you have a book you want to buy, don't make a decision to buy it at your first search result, but try multiple searches.  You may find a cheaper and better copy. 

  • Search first with booktitle
  • Then search with author
Another tip. Do not purchase from Ursus Books NY. Though their inventory is amazing, their price are far tooooo high. Ormond's 1970 Sargent costs $375 there, but I bought it at $30 from another store. There is always a chance to find your book someday at another used bookstore. For example, I wanted to buy Sargent at Broadway, and it was only available from Ursus Books at the price of $75.  I waited for about two weeks and finally found the book at alibris at the price of $25.
Created 1999
updated 4/3/2003