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Making Webpages with PhotoShop

From: Arthur Saltzman
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Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005

Hi Natasha

I just noticed your page on web site design and wanted to offer my two cents worth.

The basic index and web plate pages in my Charles Hopkinson virtual gallery were all done using the Web album function within photoshop. I did very little hand coding for these pages.

Here is a very brief description which I would gladly enlarge upon if you wanted me to.

First I have to included descriptive text for each image. This is entered as File Info with Photoshop. I simply put the name, dimensions, date etc.. in the Captions box. This info gets saved with the image file and gets put into the web albums. Important to correctly name the image files. Photoshop sorts them alphabetically in the web album.

I dug into the templates and figured out how to set up my own templates for each section. A little tricky but once you get the hang of it it's pretty straightforward. I would gladly share these templates with you or anyone who's interested.

When I need to add paintings I simply put the new image in the correct folder and perpare to rerun the Web album. You can select many design parameters here. This pops out the index pages and the web plate pages.

Not very fancy but serviceable for what I wanted to do.

You can take a look at the results and ask specific questions if you have any.

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Arthur Saltzman
Creator of the Charles S. Hopkinson Virtual Gallery

Arthur is Professor Emeritus from California State University. His wife is a relative of the artist Charles S. Hopkinson. I first heard from him in January 2002 as he was informing me of the connection to John Singer Sargent. Since then he has come a long way on his gallery.



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