"John S. Sargent" by Henry James  
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Harper's Magazine, Ocober,1887 (pp. 683-691)
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JOHN S. SARGENT.                                             685 
PORTRAIT OF CAROLUS DURAN-—From the painting by John S. Sargent.
stating its merits; but it is worth taking into account that to-day, after several years of acquaintance with them, these merits seem to me more and more to justify enthusiasm. The picture has this sign of productions of the first order, that its style clearly would save it, if everything else should change—our measure of its value of resemblance, its expression of character, the fashion of dress, the particular associations it evokes. It is not only a portrait, but a picture, and it arouses even in the profane spectator something of the painter’s sense, the joy of engaging also, by sympathy, in the solution of the artistic problem. There are works of which it is sometimes said that they are painters’ pictures (this description is apt to be intended invidiously), and the production of which I speak has the good fortune at  
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