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Interior San Marco & Floorplan
Jpg:  Philip Resheph 

Interior San Marco


From: Philip Resheph
Date: October, 2000

The red dot on the map marks the spot from which I think JSS painted 'The Pavement'. (the letters relate to the mosaics.) The Pavement [of the floor in Sargent's painting] has subsided, but has been restored. He was looking west down the aisle [from L Q towards D E]; the picture . . . is taken from the west door looking up the nave. The white pavement of the crossing is clearly visible in JSS's 'Pavement' and the photo of the nave. He must have been next to the red sanctuary lamp on the left of the crossing.

The Pavement
The Pavement (San Marco)
John Singer Sargent
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Ross
Oil on canvas
53.3 x 72.4 cm (21 x 28 1/2 in.)



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Created 11/2/2000
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