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View: opposite side Elevation
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Coral Gables Douglas Rd. Entrance
Phineas Paist - American Architect, painter

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Phineas Paist

From: Florida's History Through Its Places

Douglas Road Entrance (La Puerta del Sol). 800 Douglas Rd. 1925. Mediterranean Revival. Walter de Garmo, Denman Fink, and Phineas E. Paist, architects. 3 stories, stone, stuccoed, tile hipped roof, 90-foot belfry tower, 40-foot curved arch across road. Built at a cost of a million dollars as the main entrance to the city from Miami. Included a commercial and residential complex. Presently architects' offices. Private. N.R.



Detail Photographs

Douglas Entrance Doorway

Crest over
Douglas Entrance Doorway

Crest at Douglas Road Arch

Ceiling of  Douglas Road Arch

Interior Entrance ceiling detail

Interior Entrance ceiling detail

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