James Abbott McNeill Whistler 'sThe Little Note in Yellow and Gold
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The Little Note in Yellow and Gold 
James Abbott McNeill Whistler  
American painter (1834-1903) 
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 
Jpg: Pragmatic Romanticist

From:  The Pragmatic Romanticist  
Date: 6/19/00 

I'm enjoying your parallel references to Whistler and JSS. In a book about Isabella Stewart Gardner that I'm reading numerous concurrent references to both are made. It's amusing that when Gardner first met JSS in Isabella Stewart Gardner by JSSEngland in 1886 - with the intent I believe of getting a portrait done - he was unable to comply immediately and she ended up in Paris getting a lovely pastel done by Whistler instead. I've seen it in the Veronese Room in the third floor of the Gardner Museum aligned on the same wall with three other small Whistlers. It's name is "The Little Note in Yellow and Gold". "This small drawing conveys little more then the vivacity and alertness of its subject, but it is a finely graduated study of yellows, golds, and whites". Again, you can see that to Whistler, colour and form were far more important then the subject.  

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