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A Capriote  
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
Oil on canvas 
76.83 x 63.18 cm (30 1/4 x 24 7/8 in)
Bequest of Helen Swift Neilson

Jpg: mfa

Sargent painted this one and two copies which are both in private collections. This painting (which is now at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) was exhibited at the Society of American Artists in New York in March of 1879. A second version (Thumbnail) was exhibited at the Salon that same year. 
Capri Girl (Dans Les Olivier) 

New York loved it: 

Mediterranean idyll . . . [its] delightful coolness, exquisite delicacy and bright effect of light . . .mark its author as an artist of such freshness and originality that we feel justified in basing great hopes upon his future work. 
(Daily Graphic, 8 March 1879, p. 58)
Paris hated it, thought it odd and lampooned it with a Caricature. 


The artist; Daniel Cottier, 1879; Ichabod Williams, 1879; with Knoedler Galleries, New York, 1915; with E.M. Anderson Collection Sale, New York, February 16, 1922, no. 6; with Scott and Fowles, New York; to Mrs. Francis (Helen Swift) Neilson, New York, 1922-1946; to MFA, 1946, gift of Helen Swift Neilson.


Sargent in Italy, 2002-2003 

The image comes to me by way of Julia Thurston, who writes: 
Dear Natasha, 

The only painting I couldn't find that I have always really liked is "Capri." In it there is a young woman leaning against a curving tree trunk. . .  

Last night I was looking around for "Capri" on the web, and I found it . . . . I originally saw it at the Sargent exhibition at The National Gallery of Art, which was incredible and has made him one of my favorite artists since. This picture of it doesn't do it justice of course but at least you could see which painting I was talking about! Thanks,  


Thank you Julia. The name is actually A Capriote, I love it when I hear from people that have found other paintings of Sargent. 

By:  Natasha Wallace
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