A Garden in Corfu 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
c 1909  
Private collection 
22 x 28 in. 
 Jpg: Askart.com    the-athenaeum


Offered but not sold Christie's; 5/26/1994; Lot 92; estimated $400,00-$600,000 

Date estimated by Natasha 

  • See the year in review 1909


From: Stan
g ra    nt4art@cableone.net
Date: Apr 12, 2006

Hi  Natasha-

 . . .What prompts me to write is that I think I found an oil piece of Mr. Sargents that you list as watercolor. The "A Garden in Corfu". Cross-check with the Athenaeum site info. Sorry to be a pain as I have such a love of the oil medium that I had to stick up for it. Once again, a masterful site. I will consider a donation.

As do many artists, I have truly enjoyed a strong and lasting influence of JS Sargent's work since my art school days as the 80's just started. I was fortunate to see the retrospective in '86 at Whitney in NYC. Thank you for this site, it is a touchstone. . . .

Best regards, Stan

From: Natasha

Thanks Stan, Yeah it sort of looks oil to me too but someone sent me a letter sometime ago that said it was a watercolor (can't find the letter now)

Good luck with your art and thanks for your help.

Created 2/26/2001