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A Street in Algiers 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Adelson Galleries, New York
Oil on panel
13.5 x 10 in

Although the title of the painting refers to Algiers, most sources believe the painting was actually done in Morocco at Tangier.  In 1880 Sargent and his party of friends traveled from Spain to Morocco (and what is vaguely referred to as "North Africa") for about six weeks. His exact itenery during this time, from what I can tell, is not perfectly clear. As you can see, the oil on board of about that size falls in line with other "oil on board" of this period were he focuses on the small buildings and steep streets such as his Moorish Buildings on a Cloudy Day which was very much in line with the topography of Tangier. [1] 

Moorish Buildings on a Cloudy Day 

In doing research on Sir John Lavery I discovered that Lavery visited Tangier thirteen years after Sargent and he gave us a better perspective of the lay of the city as it crept up the side of the hill. Certainly in the latter part of the 19th century Tangier changed little between the visits of the two artists. 

Sir John Lavery
(1856-1941) -- Irish Painter
Tangier, The White City 

Françoise Bernard Briès (a friend of the JSS Gallery) makes the astute observation (below) that Sargent did in fact visit Algiers, however neither of us have found anything yet that would pin down exactly what years he might have been there.

From: Françoise Bernard Briès
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 

I don't know if you mention [but Sargent] probably was in Algeria, because his name and short biography appears in a book "Les ARtistes de l'Algérie" by Elisabeth Casenave with a little picture in black and white called  "Côte algérienne et mauresque" [thumbnail] and also mentions other painting called "Côte près d'Alger". 

There is no indications about dates and where these paintings are now located... 

I will be curious to know where and when he went in Algeria. 


1) Ten of Sargent's known works from this period were paintbox-size oils on wood panels, measuring about 10 by 14 inches: four of these are now in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; another is at the Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven (Adelson Galleries)



Côte Algérienne et mauresque 
(Algerian and mauresque coast, beach of Algiers) 



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