John Singer Sargent's Crucifixion (relief)
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Study for Crucifix 
Crucifixion (relief) 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
c 1899 
Tate Gallery, London 
111.8 x 78.7 x 8.9 cm 
Presented by A.G. Ross in accordance with the wishes  
of the late Robert Ross through the National Art Collections Fund  
Jpg: Tate Gallery
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This cast of the Crucifixion which hangs at the Tate, London, was an early and smaller version of what Sargent was working on for the Boston Public Library which he finished and installed in 1903. This smaller version is one of a few he did which he gave to friends as a gift. Prior to this, John had very little experience in sculpture/relief -- a challenge he eagerly took on.  

Initially struggling with it, he consulted his friend Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American Sculpture) whom he first met in Paris in 1878 and whom was also doing work for the Boston Public Library decorations. 

    From: Tate Gallery Display Caption  

    . . . This Crucifix is a small model for a part of a wall showing 'The Dogma of Redemption'. Figures of Adam and Eve at either side of the cross collect Christ's blood, and below his feet is a traditional symbol of the resurrection, a pelican feeding its young with its blood. The cornice corresponds to part of the Library building. 

Detail of Crucifixion   
Boston Public Library   
On his various trips to Spain, Italy and France he made numerous sketches of Christ and Crucifixions  
Head of Christ  
(black and white image)  
c. 1897  

Mysteries of the Rosary 

Sketch of a Choirboy; verso: Crucifixion Sketches, Studies for Boston Public 

Study after a Statue of Christ, Amiens, France 

Crucifix and Church Dome with Inscription 

Two Sketches of a Crucifixion; verso: Ornament Study  

Two Sketches of a Crucifix (2) 

And back in his studio he would often work with live models to help formulate his final vision. 
    Study of A Nude Male 
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