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Lake O'Hara
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Fogg Art Museum,
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Oil on canvas
97.5 cm x 116.2 cm, actual
Louise E. Bettens Fund, 1916.496
Signature: l.l.: John S. Sargent 1916 
Jpg:  Harvard University Art Museums


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Exhibition History

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John Singer Sargent Memorial Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Boston, 10/01/1925 - 11/30/1925

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Selected Paintings by American Artists, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, 11/26/1926 - 01/31/1927; Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego, San Diego, 02/01/1927 - 03/31/1927

Unidentified Exhibition, Wadsworth Atheneum, 1928, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, 01/01/1928 - 12/31/1928

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Sargent, John Singer (Creator). Created 1916, Sold to Fogg Art Museum 1916.


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