John Singer Sargent's Marble Quarries at Carrara
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Marble Quarries at Carrara
John Singer Sargent -- American painter
Harewood House the Trust, Leeds,
West Yorkshire
Oil on canvas
72 x 55 cm
Jpg: Ferrara Arte
The Carrara paintings

The painting is signed and dated 1913, however other scholars have attributed the work as early in 1911 when John did a number of paintings at Carrara. Possibly this was dated and signed much later by Sargent and possibly dated incorrectly -- or did he make a quick stop at Carrara and revisited a former subject? -- I don't know. 

Workman at Carrara  
c. 1911  
Watercolor and pencil on paper 

Special thanks to Michele Lener, of Italy, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me a link to this image.  


Sargent and Italy, 2002-2003


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