John Singer Sargent's Lady Desborough (Ethel 'Ettie' Grenfell)
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Lady Desborough (Ethel 'Ettie' Grenfell)
Private collection
 Jpg: Friend of the JSS Gallery

From: Matt Davies  
Date:   Fri, 21 Jun 2002   

Here is Ethel ('Ettie') Grenfell, later Lady Desborough, wife of William Grenfell, later Lord Desborough.  The drawing is from 1909.  The Grenfells home, Taplow Court, was 'next door' to the Astors' Cliveden estate.  Ettie and Nancy Astro were not fond of one another.  

This info is from The Souls, by Jane Abdy and Charlotte Gere, London, England: Sidgewick and Jackson, 1984.  

Special thanks to Matt Davies, of Kansas City, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me notes regarding this image. 

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By:  Natasha Wallace
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