John Singer Sargent's Val d'Aosta
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Val d'Aosta 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Tate Gallery, London 
Oil on canvas  
92.1 x 97.8 cm 
Presented by Miss Emily Sargent 1935  
Jpg: Tate Gallery
From: Harold Zeckel
(<h zeckel @
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004

A few years ago I saw an exhibit of JSS' landscapes at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Many of those works are my favorite paintings by him, although I had never seen them before or since- in reality or reproduced. At the exhibition I read that landscape painting was what he liked to do best, although he couldn't make his living that way. Especially the paintings of the imposing mountain peaks were awe-inspiring and in my estimation far outdid Alfred Bierstadt and Frederick Church - both of whom I admire greatly. JSS' renderings of those peaks elicited the awareness of the power and massiveness of the rocks above.

[Val d'Asta . . .] most closely approximates the landscapes I was referring to.  However, this one was not of the Western U.S.  The paintings I wrote of were exhibited in the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1999 as his "Late Landscapes".  Unfortunately I don't have any reproductions of those nor could I find any on the web.  I will try calling the Gardner to see whether they have any



Sargent in Italy, 2002-2003


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