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Natasha Wallace
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Archibald Douglas-Dick, Brig Gen, of Pitkerro (1847-1927), (painting).  Owner:Noel, Charles, Mrs,  81690146 
Title:Archibald Douglas-Dick of Pitkerro, Mrs (Isabelle Parrott), (painting).  Owner:Drummond-Wolff, R., Mrs,  81690147 
Title:Marie Dihau (or Dehan), Mlle, (painting).  Owner:Timme, Walter, Dr,  81690148 
Title:Looking Glass, (painting).  Owner:Danielson, R. E., Mrs,  81690149 
Title:Dorothy, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690150 
Title:Doverdale, Baron (1836-1925), (painting).  Owner:Doverdale, Lord,  81690151 
Title:Synagogue: Ark of the Covenant, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690152 
Title:Ernst Ange Duez, Mme (Amelie), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690153 
Title:Carroll Dunham, Dr (1858-1922), (painting).  Owner:Destroyed.  81690154 
Title:Antionio de Viti de Marco, Marchesa (Etta Lathrop Dunham), (painting).  Owner:de Viti de Marco, Marchese, Rome, Italy  81690155 
Title:Carolus Duran (1838-1917), Study for Portrait, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690156 
Title:Carolus Duran (1838-1917), (painting).  Owner:Strong, Richard, Mrs,  81690157 
Title:Carolus Duran (1838-1917), Study for Portrait, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690158 
Title:Percival Duxbury, Mrs, and Daughter, (painting).  Owner:City of Manchester Art Galleries, Manchester, England  81690159 
Title:William Crowninshield Endicott, Jr (1860-1936), (painting).  Owner:Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts  81690160 
Title:Lady in Black (Dona Eugenia Huici Errazuriz), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690161 
Title:Wrapped in Fur (Dona Eugenia Huici Errazuriz), (painting).  Owner:Errazuriz, Eugenio, Don, Santiago, Chile  81690162 
Title:Eugenia Huici Errazuriz, (painting).  Owner:Ogilvie-Grant, George, Mrs, Chile  81690163 
Title:Paul Escudier, Mme (Nee Le Fevre), Sketch, (painting).  Owner:Restricted.  81690164 
Title:Essex, Countess of (Adele Grant), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690165 
Title:Essex, Countess of (Adele Grant), (painting).  Owner:Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts  81690166 
Title:Jane Mary Evans (D. 1906), (painting).  Owner:Eton College, Windsor, England  81690167 
Title:Louis Alexander Fagan (1846-1903), (painting).  Owner:Arts Club, London, England  81690168 
Title:Lucius Fairchild, Gen (1831-96), (painting).  Owner:State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin  81690169 
Title:Sally Fairchild, (painting).  Owner:Taylor, Warner, Mrs, Madison, Wisconsin  81690170 
Title:Sally Fairchild's Dog, Tug Wilson, Holding a Baseball, (painting).  Owner:Fairchild, Elizabeth N.,  81690171 
Title:Farinola, Marchese, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690172 
Title:Robert Farquharson, M.p. (1836-1918), (painting).  Owner:Aberdeen Art Gallery and Regional Museum, Aberdeen, Scotland  81690173 
Title:Gabriel Faure (1845-1924), (painting).  Owner:Faure-Fremiet, Philippe, Paris, France  81690174 
Title:George Richmond Fearing (1839-1920), (painting).  Owner:Fearing, George R., Mrs,  81690175 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Francois Flameng (1856-1923) with Profile of Paul Helleu, (painting).  Owner:Treillard, M. Charles, Buenos Aires, Argentina  81690176 
Title:M. Florenza, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690177 
Title:Gerrit and Henry, Sons of Mrs Malcolm Forbes, (painting).  Owner:Forbes, Gerrit,  81690178 
Title:Four Doctors, Founding Doctors of Johns Hopkins University, (painting).  Owner:Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland  81690179 
Title:Louis de Fourcaud (1851-1914), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690180 
Title:George Fowke, Gen Sir (1864-1936), (painting).  Owner:Institution of Royal Engineers, Chatham, England  81690181 
Title:Ernest Lewis Franklin, Hon Mrs (Henrietta Samuel Montagu), (painting).  Owner:Franklin, Hon Mrs,  81690182 
Title:Charles Fremine (1841-1906), (painting).  Owner:Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio  81690183 
Title:Edith French, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690184 
Title:John Fyfe, (painting).  Owner:Aberdeen Art Gallery and Regional Museum, Aberdeen, Scotland  81690185 
Title:G, Portrait of Mme., (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690186 
Title:Senor Manuel Garcia (1805-1906), (painting).  Owner:Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island  81690187 
Title:Mary Elizabeth Garrett, (painting).  Owner:Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland  81690188 
Title:Judith Gautier Seated by a Spring, (painting).  Owner:Musee Jean Faure, Aix-Les-Bains, France  81690189 
Title:Gust of Wind (Judith Gautier), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690190 
Title:Judith Gautier, Mme (1846-1917), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690191 
Title:Francis Davis Millet, Mrs (Lily Greeley Merrill) (1855-1932), (painting).  Owner:Millet, John Alfred Parsons, Dr, Sneden's Landing, New York  81690192 
Title:General Officers of the Great War, (painting).  Owner:Imperial War Museum (Ln: National Portrait Gallery), London, England  81690193 
Title:Beatrice Goelet (1885-1902), (painting).  Owner:Goelet, Robert Guestier,  81690194 
Title:Edward L. Goetz, Mrs (Angelina Levy), (painting).  Owner:Foster, Ludovic A., Sussex, England  81690195 
Title:Caspar Goodrich (1881-1907), (painting).  Owner:Davis, C. T., Mrs,  81690196 
Title:Edmund Gosse, Sir (1849-1928), (painting).  Owner:Gosse, Philip,  81690197 
Title:Teresa Gosse, (painting).  Owner:Gosse, Miss,  81690198 
Title:Poppy Graeme, (painting).  Owner:Aberdeen Art Gallery and Regional Museum, Aberdeen, Scotland  81690199 
Title:Richard Gordon Greenough (1850-90), (painting). 

Portrait male --Greenough, Richard Gordon;  Occupation --Art--Artist 

References: David Mc Kibbin, "Sargent's Boston" Boston, 1956. 
Control No IAP 81690200

Owner:Curtis, Ralph W., Paris, France; _za83469a8d0 81690200 
Title:George Gribble, Mrs (Norah Royds), (painting).  Owner:Gribble, Philip, Maj,  81690201 
Title:Carl Von Grunelius, Frau (Marie-Adele Tachard) (1861-1948), (painting).  Owner:Von Wogau, Daniela, Mrs, Thringen,  81690202 
Title:Frederick Guest, Mrs (Amy Phipps), (painting).  Owner:Guest, Mrs, Roslyn, New York  81690203 
Title:Guinevere, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690204 
Title:Haig, Field-Marshal Earl Douglas (1861-1928), Study For"General Officers", (painting).  Owner:Leggatt,  81690205 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Richard Walden Hale, Mrs (Mary Newbold Patterson), (painting).  Owner:Hale, Mrs,  81690206 
Title:Ian Hamilton, Gen Sir (1853-1947), as Commander of 3rd Brigade Just Before the Battle of Dargai (1897), (painting).  Owner:Tate Gallery, London, England  81690207 
Title:Ian Hamilton, Gen Sir (1853-1947), (painting).  Owner:National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland  81690208 
Title:Ian Hamilton, Lady (Jean Miller Muir), (painting).  Owner:Tate Gallery, London, England  81690209 
Title:Hugh Hammersley, Mrs (Mary Grant), (painting).  Owner:Danielson, Richard E., Mrs, Groton, Massachusetts  81690210 
Title:Hugh Hammersley, Mrs (Mary Grant), (painting).  Owner:Osborne, Francis D'arcy, Sir,  81690211 
Title:Cecil Eustace Harrison, Maj (1878-1915), (painting).  Owner:Southampton Public Art Gallery, Southampton, England  81690212 
Title:Lawrence Harrison (D. 1899), (painting).  Owner:Harrison, Michael, Chelsea, England  81690213 
Title:Lawrence Alexander ("Peter") Harrison (1866-1937), (painting).  Owner:Palmer, Dorothy, Chelsea, England  81690214 
Title:Lawrence Alexander ("Peter") Harrison, Asleep, (painting).  Owner:Harrison, Sylvia, Portofino, Italy  81690215 
Title:Lawrence Alexander Harrison, Mrs (Alma Strettel) by Lamplight, (painting).  Owner:Harrison, Nicholas, Haslemere, England  81690216 
Title:Lawrence Alexander Harrison, Mrs (Alma Strettel), (painting).  Owner:Harrison, Sylvia, Portofino, Italy  81690217 
Title:Sylvia Harrison in Cashmere Shawl, Seated in Empire Chiar, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690219 
Title:Kate Haven, (painting).  Owner:Osborn, William H., Mrs, New York, New York  81690220 
Title:John Milton Hay, Hon (1838-1905), (painting).  Owner:Hay, Clarence L.,  81690221 
Title:A. Augustus Healy, (painting).  Owner:Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York  81690222 
Title:Paul Cesar Helleu (1856-1927), (painting).  Owner:Orosdi, Ellen Helleu, Mme,  81690223 
Title:Paul Cesar Helleu, Mme (Alice Louis-Guerin), (painting).  Owner:Woolaroc Museum, Bartlesville, Oklahoma  81690224 
Title:C. Napier Hemy, R.A. (1841-1917), (painting).  Owner:Hemy, Hubert Napier,  81690225 
Title:George Henschel, Sir (1850-1934), (painting).  Owner:Henschel, Lady,  81690226 
Title:William Frederick Hewer (1869-1947), (painting).  Owner:Hewer, Mrs,  81690227 
Title:Octavia Hill (1838-1912), (painting).  Owner:National Portrait Gallery, London, England  81690228 
Title:Ernest Hills of Redleaf, Mrs (Constance Wynne-Roberts), (painting).  Owner:National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland  81690229 
Title:Adolph Hirsch, Mrs (Georgette Seligmann), (painting).  Owner:Pinto, Richard, Mrs,  81690231 
Title:Leopold Hirsch, Mrs (Frances Mathilde Seligmann), (painting).  Owner:Hirsch, John Henry, Maj,  81690232 
Title:George Hitchcock (1850-1913), (painting).  Owner:Pierce, John, Boston, Massachusetts  81690233 
Title:Horne, Gen Lord (1861-1929), Study for "General Officers", (painting).  Owner:National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland  81690234 
Title:George Lambton, Mrs (Cecily Horner), (painting).  Owner:Rogers, Charles Bolles, Minneapolis, Minnesota mentions a sale of a painting Nov 2003 called:
A Portrait of Cicely Horner    
24" x 16" Oil 
  Created: 1910 
No other info known

see also # 61501285 

Title:Arthur Hunnewell, Mrs (Jane Hubbard Boit), (painting).  Owner:Hunnewell, Jane B.,  81690236 
Title:Richard Morris Hunt (1827-95), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690237 
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