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Natasha Wallace
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Charles Hunter, Mrs (Mary Smyth), (painting).  Owner:Tate Gallery, London, England  81690238 
Title:Charles Hunter, Mrs (Mary Smyth), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690239 
Title:Hunter, Misses, (painting).  Owner:Tate Gallery, London, England  81690240 
Title:Huntington, Lady (Jane Hudson Sparkes), (painting).  Owner:Huntington, Amy,  81690241 
Title:Henry Irving, Sir (1838-1905), (painting).  Owner:Destroyed.  81690242 
Title:Henry Irving, Sir (1838-1905) as Friar John, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690243 
Title:Henry Irving, Sir (1838-1905), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690244 
Title:Frederick Huth Jackson, Mrs (Annabel Grant-Duff), (painting).  Owner:Sonne, Hans C.,  81690246 
Title:William James Jr, Mrs (Alice Runnells) at the Quarry, Chocorua, New Hampshire, with Mrs William Dexter, (painting).  Owner:Dexter, William, Mrs,  81690247 
Title:Peter Augustus Jay (1877-1933), (painting).  Owner:Jay, P. A., Mrs, Bar Harbor, Maine  81690248 
Title:Francis J. H. Jenkinson (C. 1853-1923), (painting).  Owner:Cambridge University, Cambridge, England  81690249 
Title:Roger-Jourdain, Mme (Nee de Moulignon), (painting).  Owner:Whitney, John Hay, New York, New York  81690251 
Title:Eugene Juillerat (1856-?), (painting).  Owner:Foulke, Calvin P., Mrs,  81690252 
Title:Master Skene Keith, (painting).  Owner:Keith, Thomas Skene,  81690253 
Title:Edmond Kelly, Mrs (Fannie Bartow), (painting).  Owner:Kelly, Shaun, Richmond, Massachusetts

From: Jane Macnaghten
ma  c  
Date: 5 Feb 2006

Just to say I saw this portrait of Mrs Edmond Kelly at the Fitchburg (Massachusetts) Art Museum yesterday, so it can no longer be in the possession of Shaun Kelly.  Fascinating picture.

Title:Jeanne Kieffer, (painting).  Owner:Valcourt, Mme De, Paris, France  81690255 
Title:Rene Kieffer, (painting).  Owner:Kieffer, Roger, Paris, France  81690256 
Title:Le Roy King, (painting).  Owner:King, Le Roy, Newport, Rhode Island  81690257 
Title:Benjamin P. Kissam, (painting).  Owner:Train, Arthur, Mrs, Bar Harbor, Maine  81690258 
Title:Benjamin P. Kissam, Mrs (Nee Hartwell), (painting).  Owner:Biltmore House, Asheville, North Carolina  81690259 
Title:Knaresborough, Lady (Ethel Pottinger), (painting).  Owner:National Trust, Disley, England  81690260 
Title:Langman, Lady (Hon. Eleanor Lyell), (painting).  Owner:Langman, Hon. Lady, England  81690261 
Title:James Lawrence (1853-1914), (painting).  Owner:Destroyed.  81690262 
Title:Hugh Lane, Sir (1875-1915), (painting).  Owner:Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland  81690263 
Title:James Lawrence, Mrs (Estelle Mudge), (painting).  Owner:Destroyed.  81690264 
Title:Margaret Leiter (Daisy), (painting).  Owner:Suffolk, Margaret Countess Of, England  81690265 
Title:George Lewis, Lady (Elizabeth Eberstadt), (painting).  Owner:Burney, Anthony, London, England  81690266 
Title:George Lewis, Sir, 1st Bt. (1833-1911), (painting).  Owner:Wansbrough, Elizabeth, Mrs,  81690267 
Title:George Lewis, Sir, 1st Bt. (1833-1911), 3 Copies of Portrait Of, (painting).  Owner:Lewis, Edward R., London, England  81690268 
Title:Katherine Elizabeth Lewis, (painting).  Owner:Lewis, Katherine, Broadway, England  81690269 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:The Honorable Laura Lister, (painting).  Owner:Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts  81690270 
Title:Charles Stewart Loch, Sir (1849-1923), (painting).  Owner:Mowat, R. B., Mrs,  81690271 
Title:Charles Stewart Loch, Sir (1849-1923), (painting).  Owner:Denison House, London, England  81690272 
Title:Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), (painting).  Owner:Lodge, Henry Cabot Jr,  81690273 
Title:Londonderry, Charles Stewart 6th Marquess Of, with his Page, (painting).  Owner:Londonderry, Marquess Of, England  81690274 
Title:Londonderry, Marchioness of (Lady Nellie C,etwynd-Talbot), (painting).  Owner:Londonderry House, London, England  81690275 
Title:Augustus Peabody Loring, Mrs (Ellen Gardner), (painting).  Owner:Loring, Caleb,  81690276 
Title:William Caleb Loring, Judge (1851-1930), (painting).  Owner:Suffolk County Courthouse, Boston, Massachusetts  81690277 
Title:Thornton Kirkland Lothrop (1830-1913), (painting).  Owner:Moore, Edward W., Mrs,  81690278 
Title:John Seymour Lucas, R.a. (1849-1923), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690279 
Title:Henry William Lucy, Sir (1845-1924), (painting).  Owner:National Portrait Gallery, London, England  81690280 
Title:George Frederick McCorquodale (1853-1936), (painting).  Owner:Wood, J. L., Mrs, Hemel Hempstead, England  81690281 
Title:George McCulloch (1848-1907), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated. 

From: Laurie McCallum
laurie.   mcca
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003

I suspect the portrait of George McCulloch(81690282) is the one hanging in the Broken Hill Art Gallery, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. George lived there in the 1890's and made his money there. I am interested in George for family history reasons. Laurie

(Editor's note - Natasha wrote Broken Hill Gallery 9/2/2003)


Title:George McCulloch (1848-1907), (painting).  Owner: Boston Athenæum JSS Gallery
Title:George McCulloch, Mrs (Mary Agnes), (painting).  Owner:National Gallery of Southern Australia, Adelaide, Australia  81690283 
Title:Richard Aldrich McCurdy (1835-1916), (painting).  Owner:Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, Connecticut  81690284 
Title:Daniel Macmillan, (painting).  Owner:Macmillan, Harold, Rt. Hon.,  81690285 
Title:George Augustin Macmillan (1885-1936), (painting).  Owner:Society of London Dilettanti, London, England  81690286 
Title:Carl Maldona, (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690287 
Title:Manchester, Duchess of (Consuelo Yznaga), (painting).  Owner:Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts  81690288 
Title:Antonio Mancini (1852-1930), (painting).  Owner:Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna, Venice, Italy  81690289 
Title:Antonio Mancini with Ena Wertheimer, a Sketch, (painting).  Owner:Mathias, Robert,  81690290 
Title:Alice Mason, Mrs (1838-1913), (painting).  Owner:Balfour of Balbirnie, Edward,  81690293 
Title:Carl Meyer, Mrs and Her Children, (painting).  Owner:Meyer, Anthony, Bt, Sir, Sunningdale, England  81690294 
Title:Katharine Millet, (painting).  Owner:Bazeley, Lisbeth Millet, Mrs, Winchcombe, England  81690295 
Title:Laurence Frederick Millet, (painting).  Owner:Robinson, Chester J., Dr,  81690296 
Title:Milne, Field-Marshal Lord (Gen. Sir George Francis), Study for "General Officers", (painting).  Owner:National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland  81690297 
Title:Silas Weir Mitchell, M.d. (1829-1914), (painting).  Owner:Mutual Assurance Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  81690298 
Title:John Pierpont Morgan, Mrs (Jane Norton Grew) (1868-1925), (painting).  Owner:Morgan, Junius S.,  81690299 
Title:Richard Mortimer, Mrs (Eleanor Jay Chapman) (1864-1929), (painting).  Owner:Furlaud, Maxime H., Mrs,  81690300 
Title:George Mosenthal, Mrs (D. 1929), (painting).  Owner:Mosenthal, Edgar A. H.,  81690301 
Title  Owner  Call Number 
Title:Wolfgang Mozart, (painting).  Owner:Cambridge University, Cambridge, England  81690302 
Title:Newton, Lady (Evelyn Bromley-Davenport), (painting).  Owner:Newton, Lord,  81690303 
Title:Rafael Nunez Del Castillo ("Ben"), Don, (painting).  Owner:Nunez Del Castillo, Raffaele, Marchese,  81690304 
Title:Rafael Nunez Del Castillo, Marchesa (Laura Spinola), (painting).  Owner:Nunez Del Castillo, Raffaele, Marchese,  81690305 
Title:Frank O'meara (1853-1888), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690307 
Title:Reine and Rose Marie, (painting).  Owner:Ormond, Conrad,  81690308 
Title:Francis Ormond, Mrs (Violet Sargent) (1870-1955), (painting).  Owner:Pitman, Hugo, Mrs,  81690309 
Title:Francis Ormond, Mrs (Violet Sargent) (1870-1955), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690310 
Title:Francis Ormond, Mrs (Violet Sargent), (painting).  Owner:Ormond Family,  81690311 
Title:Hugo Pitman, Mrs (Reine Ormond), (painting).  Owner:Pitman, Hugo,  81690312 
Title:Matilda Adam Lee-Hamilton Paget (1815-96), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690313 
Title:Edouard Pailleron (1834-99), (painting).  Owner:Musee National, Versailles, France  81690314 
Title:Jacques Bourget, Mme (Marie Louise Pailleron), (painting).  Owner:Bourget-Pailleron, Henri, Paris, France  81690315 
Title:Jacques Bourget, Mme (Marie Louise Pailleron), (painting).  Owner:Pailleron, Mme,  81690316 
Title:Leo Hamilton Myers, Mrs (Elsie Palmer)(1873-1955), (painting).  Owner:Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York  81690317 
Title:Leo Hamilton Myers, Mrs (Elsie Palmer) (1873-1955), Sketch, (painting).  Owner:Myers, L. H., Mrs,  81690318 
Title:Leo Hamilton Myers, Mrs (Elsie Palmer) (1873-1955), Sketch, (painting).  Owner:Myers, L. H., Mrs,  81690319 
Title:Game of Bowls at Ightham Mote House; the Palmer Family, (painting).  Owner:Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc, New York, New York  81690320 
Title:Charles Octavius Parsons (C. 1868-1930), (painting).  Owner:Parsons, C. O., Mrs,  81690321 
Title:Coventry Patmore (1823-96), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690322 
Title:Coventry Patmore (1823-96), (painting).  Owner:Unlocated.  81690323 
Title:Endicott Peabody, Rev. (1857-1944), (painting).  Owner:Groton School, Groton, Massachusetts  81690324 
Title:Francis Cranmer Penrose, F.r.s. (1817-1903), (painting).  Owner:Royal Institute British Architects, England  81690325 
Title:Faudel-Phillips, Lady (Helen Levy), (painting).  Owner:Faudel-Phillips, Jean Armyne,  81690326 
Title:Henry Phipps, Mrs, and Her Brandson Winston Guest, (painting).  Owner:Old Westbury Gardens, Inc., Old Westbury, New York  81690327 
Title:William Smoult Playfair, M.d. (1836-1903), (painting).  Owner:Playfair, Giles,  81690328 
Title:William Smoult Playfair, Mrs (Emily Kitson), (painting).  Owner:Birmingham Gallery (Ln: Giles Playfair), Birmingham, England  81690329 
Title:Paul Poirson, Mme (Seymourina Cuthbert), (painting).  Owner:Poirson, Charles, Mme,  81690331 
Title:Pierre Girod, Mme (Suzanne Poirson), (painting).  Owner:Poirson, Charles, Mme,  81690332 
Title:Edmond de Polignac, Princess (Winnareta Singer), (painting). 

From: Jan-Christoph Rößler  
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003  

"Edmond de Polignac, Princess (Winnareta Singer) " and its owner, actually Duke (Elie) Decazes.  Winnaretta Singer-Polignac owned a Venetian palazzo (Palazzo Contarini Polignac) in the early 20th century, which passed then to the Decazes, the actual owners (who obviously own a property in France - Gironde dept. too I did not know of). I wrote them a letter a time ago asking them whether I could visit the building, but they could not contact me fast enough before my last trip, so I'll retry. Do you know anything on this painting? Is it still in Venice, or has it been transported to France? 

From: Natasha 

I don't know 

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Owner:Decazes, Duke, Gironde, France  81690333 

By:  Natasha Wallace
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