Nettie Huxley (Mrs. Harold Rollar)
(mother to Marian)

Mrs. Frederick William Roller
(Grandmother to Marian)

Portrait of Major George Conrad Roller
(Uncle to Marian)

Portrait of Marion Roller 
Also entitled 
Madge Roller (Marian)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
1893 [1]
Private collection
Oil on canvas 
 59.7 x 44.5 cm (23 1/2 x 17 1/2 in)
 inscribed: To my friend Nettie John S. Sargent

Madge, is the daughter of Nattie and Harold  Roller.

From: Michael Roller
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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004

I had an interesting e-mail a while ago from someone called Tony Hirtenstein, who is Netty Huxley's great grandson! He had come across my my e-mail address at the [Mrs. Frederick William Roller's  page].

I am setting out a few excerpts from his e-mail below that may be of interest. You may already know about the website he references.

"My grandmother (Marian or Madge) described sitting for the Sargent painting as a young child of four, in 1893.  She hated it, and something of her intensity comes across in the painting (though she said it was more a sketch than a painting).  The painting hung in my mother's living room until 1990, when it was sold in New York.  I distinctly recall seeing the year 1893 written on the painting."

"I see from an Internet search against [Major George Conrad Roller, Marian's uncle's] name that "... he ran a firm of picture restorers and framers in London with his brother George, an artist and illustrator."  The source given for this is "Elaine Kilmurray, text on Sargent's painting of Joseph Comyns Carr and Nettie Huxley in a Boat, written May 1989 for the exhibition Twenty Important Works from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century at Peter Nahum's, 5 Ryder St, London."

Special thanks to Michael & Susan Roller, of the UK, friends of the JSS Gallery, for sending along some excerpts from Tony Hirtenstein.

Date of Painting

The source of image didn't date the painting. CMM and the SIRIS site both date the painting as 1902.

Sold Sotheyby's; 11/29/90; Lot 67; $220,000


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