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close-up of Breakfast In The Loggia
Freer Gallery of Art 
 20 Oct 2003
Jpg: Andy Holzopfel

This really shows his technique and the painting has a light on it -- one of a very few of Sargent's that does. -- Andy Holzopfel

Oh my goodness! Look at the hands and fingers! And then back up and look again! 
-- Natasha


Breakfast In The Loggia

Painting as it hangs in the Freer Gallery


Special thanks to Andy Holzopfel, of Baltimore, for taking this picture on his visit to the Washington D.C. and being a friend of the JSS Gallery.  See some of Andy Holzopfel's paintings.


By:  Natasha Wallace
Copyright 1998-2004 all rights reserved
Created 10/21/2003
Updated 3/22/2004

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