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Lady Agnew Sargent
The Person
  • Sargent's Life, where do I get more on   (go to)
  • Sargent's Library, has the contents been documented? (go to)
  • Birthday, when is it? 
    • There seems to be some confusion (go to)
  • European Influence, did Sargent resist it in his art? (go to)
  • Portraits, when did Sargent give them up? (go to)
  • Hand written letter from Sargent -- help de-code (go to)
    • We got it all but the name (go to) 2/12/2003
  • Love Life (go to)
    • Was Sargent Gay? -- Point/Counterpoint (go to)
  • Feminist Movement, did they influence Sargent? (go to)
  • Poetry, did Sargent write any? (go to)
  • Biography of JSS by C M Mount? (go to) 

  • Sargent's Travels and Locations

  • Trip to the Vanderbilts 
  • Paris Haunts (go to)
  • Carrara, more on Sargent there (go to)
  • Tite Street, London, Images of Sargent's Garden at  (go to)
  • Algiers, when was he there? (go to)
  • Florence, more on Sargent there   (go to)
  • Boston, did Sargent teach there? 

Sargent's Paintings
General Questions
Sargent's Method

Specific Works
(If an image is online, specific questions will generally be posted at the painting's web plate and might not be listed here. You may search for a painting)

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About the People he Knew
Other artists featured at the JSS Gallery (go to)

JSS Gallery
Accolades and Comments
(Comments regarding specific works will generally be posted at the painting's web plate and might not be listed here. You may search for a painting)
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  • Bert:  Retrospective -- Boston (go to)
  • Ransford Pyle: a personal reminiscence (go to)
  • Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth  (go to)
  • Wonsug Jung: The Met Exhibition  (go to)
  • Sargent's Tite Street Studio (go to)
  • Einar Kvaran: Accolades, Links, & Stuff  (go to)
  • The Amazing Rita Lydig  (go to)
  • Judith Q Barnett writes about Sargent's method of painting
  • Raven Schultz  writes about his favorite Sargent painting: Alred, Son of Asher Wertheimer 
  • Lynn writes about Alpine Pool
  • Bill Grant writes about Sargent at Broadway
  • Philip Resheph, sends me an article on Coventry Patmore
  • Kathie Roskom sent me a wonderful response to my "Two Studies in White" Sargent and Whistler -- thank you Kathie. 
  • Michele Lener writes about an amazing find.
  • Mark Heumann writes and considers The Misses Vickers as his favorite painting
  • Georgie writes requesting the painting "Dr. Samuel Jean Pozzi at Home" be included in Major paintings.
  • Jim Sowa writes about his trip to Sargent's gravesite.
  • Steven Matthew Sargent writes about his relation to JSS
  • Jess and Vijay send Accolades (go to
  • Kathie Roskom's New York trip (go to
  • Sharon Himes and discussion groups (go to)
  • James Johnson sends accolades (go to)
  • Terrace at Hill (go to)
  • Jonathan Whitney (go to)
  • James R Jensen  (go to)
  • Ron Webb (go to)
  • Clinton Portrait (go to)

Questions to Natasha Wallace

  • That's a lot of work. What motivated you to do this?  (go to)
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